3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Carpet for Your Home

Popular nationwide master contractors - Contractor Forums - Additionally, carpet comes in almost every color, and since it takes up so much space, carpet color can dictate the mood of a room. Style Make sure to choose carpet that matches your home?s needs and your aesthetic desires. For example, a loop pile made of polyester is suitable for a low-traffic area that is not too formal, like a bedroom. Warm colors can create a cozy effect, while cool colors can induce calming sensations. ..More

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A Close-Up Look at Bamboo Flooring

Top 10 Best industrial contractors - Repair Forum Pages - It is available in all types of shapes and patterns that can suit any home style and last for years. Bamboo is one of the newest trends in flooring, chosen both for its sustainability and for its high degree of durability. ..More

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4 Different Places to Use Tile in Your Home

Locate Nearby residential contractors - Repair Company Blogs - Outdoor tile flooring is very popular for renovated backyard areas. If you frequently entertain guests in the outdoor areas of your home, customize your walkway with durable granite tiles for a sophisticated yet rustic look. Outdoor Flooring The possibilities for tile in your home extend beyond your space?s interior. ..More

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How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

Top 10 residential contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - Areas that receive higher foot traffic may even require several more rinses. After the carpets have been rinsed, moisture will be removed using a process known as a ?dry stroke?, which makes the carpet both cleaner and dryer. In order to get your carpets as clean as possible, professional cleaners will often re-rinse the carpet a minimum of four times after the initial washing process has been completed. ..More

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Holiday How-to: Removing Candle Wax from Carpets

Find best 10 master contractors - DIY Guide Forums - Watch the video to see how these items are used to remove a wax spill from a white carpet. You?ll first learn about the three common household items you?ll need. ..More

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